Norway has many years of experience using road toll payment as a financial instrument for building bridges, tunnels and roads. There are approximately 190 toll plazas in Norway.

Automatic toll stations

The toll plazas are automatic, marked with "AutoPASS". You drive through without stopping. The owner of the car will receive an invoice in the aftermath of passing. There is only one manual toll plaza in Norway, at the Atlanterhav tunnel, where you must stop and pay before driving through.

How to pay

Valid tag

AutoPASS tags and other tags that are valid in Norway give you a discount at most toll plazas. An invoice will be sent to the owner of the vehicle.

It is compulsory for most vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes MAM to have a valid tag.

Without a valid tag

If you pass without a valid tag, the vehicle’s licence plate will be photographed. Choose payment option:

  1. Pay the invoice after your journey. An invoice will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. This also applies to foreign vehicles.
  2. Register and prepay tolls with your credit card. Each passing will be deducted from this prepayment. Unused money will be refunded.

See more information about paying without a valid tag.