The E18 Highway was moved from the waterfront to the new Opera Tunnel in 2010. This reduced the surface traffic in Bjørvika with 70 percent. Now a new street network is being built to connect Bjørvika with the rest of Oslo, and provide Oslo with access to the fjord. Bjørvika’s new street network will be completed by 2015.

The E18 Bjørvika project will enable the largest city development project in Oslo to take place. The E18 Bjørvika project will also improve the environment in the area by reducing local air- and noise pollution.

The scope of the E18 Bjørvika project is made clear in its vision:

“The vision is that Bjørvika, as the gateway of Norway’s capital, will stand out as an expression of modern urban culture and identity in architecture, technology and sustainable city development. The new neighbourhood shall be for the benefit and pride of all of Oslo’s inhabitants…” (Local development plan for Bjørvika – Bispevika – Lohavn, as passed in the Oslo City Council 27.08.2003)