The Hardanger bridge is built as a 2 lane suspension bridge with lane for bicycles and pedestrians. The bridge have a main span of 1310 m and a total length of 1380 m. The bridge towers elevates to 200 m above sea level.

The project also includes 2675 meter tunnels and 0,8 km of new roads. In addition the project consists of a new bicycle and pedestrian lane of 0,9 km approaching the bridge.

The Hardanger bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Norway. The sailing height under the bridge is 55 m.

The Project

The Hardanger bridge has replaced the ferry on highway 7/13 between Bruravik and Brimnes.

The bridge serves the following functions:

  • Better communication in the inner Hardanger
  • Better the regional transportation between Odda and Voss and between Bergen and Hardanger and towards Hallingdal
  • Offer a better service for the traffic with ferry free connection east-west and north-south

The Hardanger bridge was approved by the Norwegian Parliament (Storting) on February 28 th. 2006. The bridge planning has been performed by the Norwegian public road administration department of bridges, with support from private bridge consultants. Construction works started on February 26 th 2009.

The bridge was opened on August 17th 2013.