A convoy system means that you have to wait for a sufficient number of vehicles to line up and then follow behind a snowplough as it leads the convoy across the particularly difficult stretch of road.

Ten points to remember when driving convoy:

  1. For safety reasons, only a limited number of vehicles are allowed in each convoy. Insufficiently prepared and equipped motorists may be turned away from the column by the snow plough operators.
  2.  Vehicles in a convoy must be technically adequate and fitted with winter tires. Tire chains are compulsory for vehicles above 3.5 tonnes. Participants in the convoy must be equipped with winter clothes.
  3. Keep a flashlight, a tow rope, an ice scraper and a snow shovel within easy reach.
  4. While driving in a convoy, never lose sight of the car in front of you.
  5. Maintain a steady speed.
  6. Avoid foggy windows by adjusting your ventilation system to supply cold air to your front windscreen.
  7. While in convoy, ensure visibility by using your blinking emergency lights.
  8. Remain in the convoy at all times. Do not attempt to leave or turn away from the column.
  9. Stay in your vehicle even if you have to stop or the convoy comes to a halt.
  10. Please do not use your cellular phone while driving in convoy, as telephone transmission capacity is limited.