The Norwegian Public Roads Administration offers weather data, travel times, CCTV images and road traffic information via DATEX II version 2.3.

All data are offered in the DATEX II version 2.3 format, but the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) has started the process of transitioning to version 3.1.

DATEX (specification for DATa EXchange between traffic and travel information centres) is a European standard for the exchange of traffic information based on a well known information model using the format Extensible Markup Language (XML).


The service is available to the media, various service providers of traffic and travel information and other actors who are interested in using data from the NPRA for their own services.

Using DATEX is free of charge but regulated by the Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data. In order to get access to DATEX data, you need to register.


The NPRA offers the following data sets in DATEX format: road traffic information, travel times, weather data and CCTV images.


In order to improve the service, the NPRA welcomes any feedback from users. Contact us by email.