NPRA Recruitment Programme 2014/15NPRA Recruitment Programme 2014/15

The deadline for applications to the NPRA Recruitment Programme 2015/2016 expired in January 2015.

Every year we appoint up to 30 people through our recruitment programme. The programme leads to permanent employment, and you will be given independent tasks and become part of a professional community where it is always possible to get advice and assistance. You will also be assigned your own specialist mentor. In the NPRA we think it is important to facilitate learning from skilled professionals.

As a participant in our recruitment programme, you will become familiar with the NPRA’s responsibilities and tasks. The programme emphasises interdisciplinarity and showing how each employee’s various tasks fit into a greater whole.

Four plenary sessions from autumn to spring

In addition to work experience and apprenticeship in the unit where you are employed, the recruitment programme includes four plenary sessions. In these sessions you will gain insight into all phases of a road project. Some sessions may include field trips / site visits.
The first plenary session is organised early in the autumn, and the last session is normally just before the summer holiday the year after. The plenary sessions take place in different places in the country, and each session normally lasts for three days.

Personal development

Personal development is on the programme for each plenary session. You are introduced to topics such as comunication, feedback and self-leadership. Through individual coaching in groups you are to develop a personal development plan to be followed up in partnership with your leader.

Upgrading your skills

When the recruitment programme is completed, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration offers many possibilities for further professional development, such as a wide range of internal schools and programmes for competence development.