If you are planning to write your thesis within a field of research that is relevant for the road and transport sector, and if you are enrolled at one of the educational establishments with whom we have a cooperation agreement, we can contribute with financial support and guidance/supervision.

The financial support offered is NOK 7,500 for a bachelor’s thesis and 15,000 for a master’s thesis.

First agreement, then thesis

In order to receive support for your thesis you need to sign an agreement with both your educational institution and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The topic for your thesis must be defined, and in addition it must be established who is to be your supervisor – both in the NPRA and in your educational institution.

Who can I contact?

At many of the educational establishments that teach subjects that are relevant to the NPRA, the teachers will know who in the NPRA that can be contacted within the various fields. Thus you may first contact your teacher. If he or she cannot help you, you may contact us.