Fees from 1 January 2017
Fee typeTheoretical testPractical test
Moped (AM146)600 NOK 
Moped (AM147) 600 NOK 
Light motorcycle (A1)600 NOK1060 NOK
Motorcycle (A2)*600 NOK1060 NOK
Heavy motorcycle (A)*600 NOK1060 NOK 
Car (B)600 NOK1040 NOK
Car + trailer (BE) 880 NOK
"Light" lorry (C1)600 NOK1040 NOK
"Light" lorry + trailer (C1E) 1040 NOK
Lorry (C)600 NOK1040 NOK
Lorry + trailer (CE)600 NOK1040 NOK
Minibus (D1)600 NOK1040 NOK
Minibus + trailer (D1E) 1040 NOK
Bus (D)600 NOK1040 NOK
Bus + trailer (DE) 1040 NOK
Tractor (T)600 NOK880 NOK
Snowmobile (S)600 NOK 

Formal qualifications for vehicles used
in states of emergency (Code 160)

600 NOK1040 NOK
Certificate of professional competence (CPC)600 NOK 

ADR driver training certificate

600 NOK 


 * You are not required to take the theoretical test in order to go from category A1 to A2, A2 to A or A1 to A.


Other fees
 Fee type NOK
Issuing of driver licence
Including formal qualifications for vehicles
used in states of emergency (Code 160)
Issuing of ADR driver training certificate280
Issuing of Certificate of professional competence (CPC)280
Issuing of tachograph cards710

Practical tests for heavy categories or trailers

In order to take the practical test for heavy categories or trailers, you must have passed the following tests first:

  • BE – passed B
  • C1 – passed B
  • C1E – passed C1
  • C – passed B
  • CE – passed C (the same applies for the theoretical test)
  • D1 – passed B
  • D1E – passed D1
  • D – passed B
  • DE – passed D