At this step you will develop your skills to a level where you can drive responsibly and interact well with other road users.

Mandatory course in accident preparedness

This 9-hour-long course is the same for all heavy vehicle categories and is to enable you to operate as a resource person in the event of accidents etc. You will learn about issues such as

  • securing an accident site
  • first aid
  • fire safety procedure

Mandatory safety course on the road

This course lasts for 4 hours and is to help you master long drives under varying conditions. You will learn about issues such as:

  • how to plan your route
  • how to check the vehicle before and after a drive
  • the interaction between the heavy vehicle driver and other road users
  • how to counteract accidents
  • how to drive so as to minimise environmental damage
  • how to assess your own driving competence

Mandatory course in securing loads

The course lasts for 9 hours and is the same for Categories C and C1. You will learn about issues such as

  • the rules for securing loads
  • load-securing equipment
  • different ways of securing loads
  • checking that the load is properly secured