You may take the theory test when your application has been registered. You can also fill in an application form on paper, and send it to us by mail.

When you present yourself for the theory test, you will have to show valid proof of identity and pay the fee for the theory test. Please observe that some Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices (trafikkstasjoner) may have limited opening hours for theory tests. You take the theory test on a computer in our test room, and you will be given your result immediately after completing the test.

When you have passed the theory test, you can take the practical riding test if all mandatory training has been completed and registered in our system. You can track the progress of your training under “Your applications” on Your Page. You must pass the practical driving test within 3 years of having passed the theory test. For licence categories where the theory test is the final test (Snowmobile S, Moped AM146 and AM147), the theory test is valid for 5 years.


The theory test may at the earliest be taken 6 months before you reach the age requirement for the driving licence in question. Exceptions are moped and snowmobile. For these categories the age requirement must be met since the theory test is the final test.

Theory test for special needs candidates

You may apply for an “adapted test” - a theory test for special needs candidates - if you have difficulties reading and understanding the questions. Such tests are carried out with an examiner present in order to help you understand what is written in the questions.

Did you fail the theory test?

If you do not pass the theory test, you need to wait 2 weeks before you can take a new test. You can find out which topics you answered incorrectly, but not the exact questions. When you present yourself for a new test, you once again need to show valid proof of identity and pay for the theory test.

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