How many lessons you need depends on your individual requirements and how much you practise with a lay instructor. It is important that you reach the goals for this step. Through riding practice, either with a lay instructor or at a driving school, at this step you are to learn:

  • How to prepare yourself and the motorcycle for riding
  • How to start and stop the motorcycle
  • How to change gears and how to ride at a very slow speed - at a crawl
  • How to steer, accelerate and brake
  • How to carry out a safety check

Mandatory basic theory course

Before you start your practical training, you need 3 hours of theory at a driving school. Here you will learn about

  • what riding a motorcycle involves
  • how to avoid accidents
  • mandatory safety equipment and motorcycle clothing

The basic theory course is the same for categories A1, A2 and A, and you only need to complete the course once. This means that if you for example hold a driving entitlement in category A1 and then start training for category A2, you will not need to take this course again.

Mandatory end-of-step assessment

Towards the end of step 2 there is a mandatory assessment. Together, you and your instructor will assess whether you have the skills required to go to step 3.