How many lessons you need at this step depends on your individual requirements and how much you practise with a lay instructor. It is important that you reach the goals for this step. Among other things, you will learn about

  • the handling properties of the motorcycle
  • riding techniques and skills
  • how to ride safely in different traffic environments
  • how to assess your own skills as a motorcyclist

Mandatory safety course in precise riding skills

Towards the end of your training at this step you are to complete a 4-hour safety course. Among other things, you are to

  • learn how the rider can take cognitive and physical limitations into account
  • become conscious of your need to practise in order to avoid mistakes
  • become conscious of the relationship between riding skills and the joy of riding

Mandatory end-of-step assessment

Together, you and your instructor will assess whether you have the skills required to go to step 4.