The Basic Traffic Course is mandatory and consists of 17 hours of instruction. This will give you a basic understanding of what it means to be a driver. You must be at least 15 years old in order to take the Basic Traffic Course at a driving school but you may also take the course in Year 10 in secondary school.

What do you learn in the Basic Traffic Course?

  • About driver training and traffic awareness
  • About traffic and the driver’s role
  • About interaction and human factors in traffic
  • About driver training, practice driving and driving experience
  • About traffic accidents: your responsibilities and first aid
  • About traffic accidents: what to do?
  • About road users in the dark (night driving course)

Learner’s permit 

When you have completed the Basic Traffic Course, you will be issued a learner’s permit (provisional driving licence) which gives you the right to practise driving. You must carry your learner’s permit and valid proof of identity with a photograph both when you take driving lessons with a driving school and when you practice drive with a lay instructor.

You will find your learner’s permit on Your page. A printout or picture of the permit from Your page is insufficient if you are stopped for inspection while practice driving; you will need to log in to Your page and show the inspector your learner’s permit. You may of course also present the original paper version of your learner’s permit, issued by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. When you log in to Your page, you will also see how far you have progressed in your driver training.

Is your learner’s permit valid?

Once you have completed the Basic Traffic Course there is no time limit to the validity of your learner’s permit, as long as the rules are not changed. If you take the Basic Traffic Course in the time period 16 March - 31 October without completing the night driving course, you need to check your learner’s permit to see what time of year it is valid and for how long. The online version of your permit at Your page will tell you whether you have completed your night driving course and whether your learner’s permit is valid.

Have you lost your learner’s permit?

To find your online learner’s permit, log in at You may also contact a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon) and ask for a new learner’s permit to be sent to you by post.

Do you already have a driving licence?

If so, you are not required to take the Basic Traffic Course and may proceed to the next step.

Are you more than 25 years old?

If so, you are exempt from parts of the Basic Traffic Course, and may practice drive without a learner’s permit. Remember to always carry valid proof of identity. First aid and night driving are mandatory components for everyone. You may complete the night driving course after the practical driving test if you take the test between 16 March and 31 October.