Mandatory basic theory course

Step 2 begins with a 3-hour mandatory basic theory course at a driving school. In this course you will learn about the use of motor vehicles in the mountains, appropriate clothing and required safety equipment on a snowmobile drive.

Mandatory practical training

When you have completed the basic theory course, you are to complete 3 hours of practical training at a driving school. You are to become familiar with the snowmobile, and develop an awareness of the challenges of using a snowmobile in low temperatures and in different environments. You will learn basic driving techniques and skills, snowmobile maintenance and how to carry out a safety check.

Driving practice with a lay instructor

Before you start practising with a lay instructor, check the rules in force in your area.

Mandatory end-of-step assessment

Towards the end of step 2 there is a mandatory end-of-step assessment. Together, you and your instructor will assess whether you have the skills required to go to step 3.