Before taking the theory test, you need to apply for a driving licence. You can do this online on Your page or you can fill in an application form on paper and send it to us. When your application has been registered, you may take the theory test.

An application form for an “adapted” theory test (for special needs candidates) must be filled in and sent to us in writing. After your application has been approved you may book a session for a special-needs test.

How is an “adapted” test/special-needs test carried out?

Such tests are carried out with an examiner present in order to help you understand what is written in the questions. If you find Norwegian difficult, you and the examiner may communicate in a language that both master well. If case of major language problems, an approved interpreter may be used. You will need to cover the costs for the interpreter yourself.

The Category B theory test is available in Norwegian (Bokmål or Nynorsk), Sami, English, Arabic (MSA) and Turkish.

Candidates sitting tests in Categories C1, C, CE, D1 and D must take the test in Norwegian.