Older people who are self-sufficient and able to drive are an asset to society. In addition they are often a resource in their community when they help others with transport. For instance, they may pick up their grandchildren from school or daycare, or drive family and friends from place to place.

Many of these people have received little or no instruction in current traffic regulations. We also know that many of the skills that are important in traffic can be diminished with increasing age. The consequence  may be more traffic accidents.

The need for the car increases
The car is a ticket to freedom! It makes an active life possible and can counteract isolation and loneliness. The car provides the freedom to decide for yourself when and where to travel, without being dependent on others. This is especially important since developments in our social structure mean that many people live at greater distances from their families, shopping centres and other services. Many get great enjoyment from helping with voluntary work and doing favours for others. Driving enables them to carry out such activities.

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