Your driving licence lists the driving entitlements (driving licence categories) you hold. The validity of your driving licence card may be shorter than the validity of your driving entitlement.

The deadline for renewing your driving licence card depends on its date of issue. Check when you need to renew your driving license.

The expiry date for your driving entitlement in each licence category ca be found in column 11 on the back of your driving licence. Check when you need to renew your entitlements for these licence categories:

In the event of a name change or damaged licence

You need to renew your driving licence if you have changed your name or if your driving licence has been damaged or destroyed. To renew your driving licence you need to visit a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon), bringing your driving licence and valid proof of identity. If the picture on your driving licence is too old or unclear, you need to take a new picture at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office. Fees for licence renewal and new photos are listed here.