Main objectives:
- Implementing EU directives
- Source oriented measures (pavement, tyres)
- Indoor noise limit ® noise insulation of houses

Road traffic accounts for about 78 per cent of the total noise annoyance in Norway.

Indoor noise levels shall not exceed a 24 hours average level of 42 dBA. Façade improvements are a challenge in regards to aesthetics, antiquarian considerations, ventilation and indoor air quality.

The EU directive 2002/49/EC Assessment and management of environmental noise is implemented in our legal framework as a part of a regulation to the Pollution Control Act.

Project Environmental friendly pavements(2004-2008)
The project does research on optimising the environmental properties of road surfaces in order to reduce the environmental impact on surroundings, and thereby contribute to achieving the environmental targets for levels of dust and noise.

Project Modelling of tyre/road noise(2006 -?):
We want to rank tyres due to noise properties on Norwegian roads. We started a pre-project in 2006, and dependent on the results from this project, we will decide whether to go further or not.