The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) was commissioned by the Norwegian Government through the previous National Transport Plan to produce a National Walking Strategy.

Two main objectives

The strategy has two main objectives:

  • Walking should appeal to everyone

This objective implies that all population groups should find walking appealing, and that it is made easier for them to walk more on a daily basis.

  • More people should walk more

This objective implies that more of the total journeys made by the inhabitants should be made on foot, and that all population groups should walk more on a daily basis.

Focus areas

On a national level the strategy has six focus areas, with defined objectives and measures. These are linked to (1) responsibility and cooperation, (2) design of physical surroundings, (3) operation and maintenance, (4) traffic interplay, (5) an active walking culture, and (6) knowledge and communication.

The final strategy was presented to the government together with the transport agencies’ proposals for the National Transport Plan 2014 – 2017.

For further information, please contact Liv Rakel Øvstedal at the  Norwegian Public Roads Administration.