Duration: 2007 - 2010

The transport research carried out by NPRA and other Norwegian R&D funds has mainly been spent on passenger transport. The research on freight transport has so far been insufficient.  The growth in freight transport on the roads has been considerable for several decades, but from 1995 there was a shift towards an even higher growth rate in all transport modes including road, and this is due to rapid changes in logistics. There are also increasing complaints from shippers and drivers about poor loading facilities and congestion in city centres, leading to ineffective goods distribution. New knowledge and demand for better environment and safety standards also support the need for research on freight transport and logistics.

More efficient logistics and reduced environmental impact from freight transport are long- term goals. The objective of the projectFreight Transport and Logistics is to increase knowledge and expertise about freight transport in the public road administration and local authorities.

Ongoing projects

  • Databases and electronic data flows for transport models (a)
  • A new speed model for heavy vehicles – founded together with the Research Council, private partners and other divisions of  the National Road Administration (a)
  • Logistics inNorway, founded together with the Research Council. This is a general overview of the development of logistics, mainly for long haul and international transport. (b)
  • Analysis of the number of deliveries to shops, cafés and other street activities during a day and the time used for loading. (a / c)
  • Preliminary study on freight and environmental issues (all)

Programme transport policy context

To achieve the objectives, knowledge has to be distributed to stakeholders, industry and authorities. Dissemination is therefore prioritised in the programme.

Seminars, conferences, study tours, internet pages and other activities to increase expertise are included. The objective to increase knowledge and expertise includes distribution of lessons learned, not only from the programme itself, but also from related research.

The programme is organised thematically:
a)  Improve freight databases, models and other planning tools
b) Study long-haul transport and its logistics
c) Study the distribution of goods in cities

The project also deals with transport demand from craftsmen and other workers carrying equipment larger than briefcases. It also includes (rural) tourism, in order to include other important industries which depend heavily on road transport.  Environmental concerns will be highlighted overall.


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