Duration: 2005 - 2008

Road traffic is the pre-dominant source of noise affliction in Norway. Construction of noise barriers and facade insulation of buildings are the most commonly used measures for traffic noise reduction but were found to be insufficient to meet the national target. It therefore became necessary to look for ways of reducing noise at source.

The high concentration of suspended matter (dust) due to the use of studded tyres is a significant problem in several Norwegian cities, particularly on dry winter days, and the poor air quality represents a threat to public health. As a result, standards have been set for the maximum acceptable dust concentration, and these are expected to be strengthened in 2010. Thus it has become necessary to develop environmentally friendly pavements which will help in alleviating noise and dust pollution.

The project will focus on optimising the environmental properties of road surfaces in order to reduce the environmental impact on surroundings, and thereby contribute to achieving the environmental targets set for levels of dust in suspension and noise.

The project is implemented in close cooperation with research institutes and the road industry.


Mr Jostein Aksnes
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
P.O. Box 8142 Dep.
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