Duration: 2008 - 2011


The project will focus on NPRA’s strategy for tunnels and follow up issues described in two reports. These reports were written as a consequence of rockfalls in Norwegian road tunnels and reveal the need for improved tunnel maintenance and geological documentation systems. Major issues, such as increasing professional expertise, tunnel profile design, life cycle costs, new tunnel linings, operation and maintenance and the harmonization of regulations will also make up key parts of the project.


The main objectives are:

  • To provide the Norwegian Public Roads Administration with a clear policy on tunnel planning, construction and maintenance
  • To ensure that the life cycle of tunnels and their equipment is in accordance with the adopted strategy
  • To organize the documentation of technical solutions in our tunnels into a standard system
  • To optimize tunnel design
  • To further develop fireproof solutions for water and frost protection
  • To clarify and continue the NPRA’s tunnel expertise and contribute to increasing cooperation within the industry.


  1. Road tunnel strategy
  2. Tunnels - a planning element in road systems and local communities
  3. Tunnel school
  4. Adequate standards and safety in road tunnels
  5. Tunnel linings
  6. Fire safety and material requirements - View video from the Runehamar testtunnel
  7. Tunnel documentation
  8. Tunnel design
  9. Operation, maintenance and upgrading


Mr Harald Buvik
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
P.O. Box 8141 Dep.
N-0033  Oslo
E-mail: harald.buvik@vegvesen.no