Duration 2007 - 2010

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has a vision we call Vision Zero. Vision Zero is an image of a time in the future when nobody will be killed or seriously injured in road accidents.
We need to use “new” technology to achieve further progress in our work towards Vision Zero.

Measures and solutions to achieve better road safety, the environment, and more effective use of the road network will be in focus. Measures that address the entire traffic system, including the road, the vehicle and the road user will be used.

Increasing knowledge about the use of new technology and its effects on the traffic system is of general interest, with particular emphasis on the HMI-interface (Human – Machine interface).

The project’s main target is to establish a test site for new technology and ITS in the city of Trondheim. The test site will be based on the main road network in the city, and encompass both streets in the city centre, local roads and thoroughfares. The test site will continue as a permanent activity at the end of the project.

Pilot study in 2006:

  1. Demonstration vehicles.
  2. ISA/Speed Alert based on the “National Road Databank”.
  3. CALM communication.
  4. Tests in a driving simulator.


Mr Anders Godal Holt
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
P.O. Box 8142 Dep.
N-0033  Oslo
Email:   anders-godal.holt@vegvesen.no