Duration: 2007 - 2011

More sustainable urban transport with reduction in use of cars is one of the main objectives in the National Transport Plan for 2010-2019. Demand forecasts predict that the increase in transport in the future will primarily manifest itself as growth in car use if we do not control the use of cars and improve alternative transportation modes. Therefore the National Transport Plan emphasises the importance of introducing restrictions on car use in urban areas and improving the conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport.

The objective of this programme is to increase the knowledge and expertise on sustainable urban transport within the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and in society as a whole. The intention is to do this by adapting and developing knowledge that can contribute to:

  • Achieving a more sustainable, effective and available transport system for both industry and commerce, and the populations of urban areas.
  • Increasing walking, bicycling and the use of public transport in urban areas, especially on work and leisure trips.
  • Reducing the growth of car use in urban areas
  • Implementing comprehensive solutions and obtaining synergy effects by relating different measurements together.

Programme organisation and transport policy context
The project is managed by the Road Development Department and will be carried out in cooperation with other departments and regions within the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Other road authorities, municipalities, consultant companies, research institutes, and education institutes will be involved in the work. The objective of the programme is based on The National Transport Plan.

Predicted projects:
Develop a database of best practices containing a toolbox for implementing measurement of sustainable urban transport

  • Evaluations of various measurements to obtain sustainable urban transport
  • Define indicators of sustainable urban transport and develop a system of benchmarking between Norwegian urban areas
  • Develop a method of urban street planning for sustainable urban transport
  • Various general research projects related to sustainable urban transport



Guro Berge
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Postboks 8142 Dep
N-0033  Oslo
Email:   guro.berge@vegvesen.no