12.03.2020: These are the companies behind the four parties tendering for the Rv 555 Sotrasambandet (Sotra Connection) 

Under the PPP model, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is tasked with the planning up to and including the preparation of the zoning plan, and ensuring that all contractual requirements are adhered to. At the end of the operating period, the road shall be handed over to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The PPP contract stipulates the annual amount the private company will be paid, and any deduction mechanisms and bonus schemes that are contingent on the quality and performance of the road section.

The Norwegian Government recognises the benefits of PPP. The Ministry of Transport and Communications has asked the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to prepare three new PPP projects, as described in the proposition to the Storting Prop.1 S (2014–2015), and in the report to the Storting "On the Right Track – Reforms in the Road Sector" Meld. St. 25 (2014–2015). The projects are discussed in the proposal for a new National Transport Plan for the period 2018–2029; a joint proposal by the four national agencies responsible for air, sea, rail and road transport in Norway.