The project will improve traffic safety, traffic flow, and the residential environment along the existing road, and provide coherent facilities for pedestrians and cyclists between Hamar and Elverum.

Together with the E6 south of Kolomoen, the Rv 3 is the fastest and most important road between Oslo and Central Norway. 80 % of heavy vehicles choose the Rv 3, among other reasons because the mountain pass at Kvikne is 300 metres lower than at Hjerkinn, and has fewer winter closings.

The mix of through traffic, local traffic, and agricultural machinery traffic today represents a traffic safety risk.

Kart-Loten-ElverumRv 3/rv 25 Ommangsvollen–Grundset/Basthjørnet

PPP project

The Rv 3 and Rv 25 road project is one of three major road projects to be carried out as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). More information about what it means to carry out a road project as a PPP.


Development of the Rv 3 on the road section Ommangsvollen–Grundset in Hedmark is given priority in the National Transport Plan for 2018-2023.

The affected municipalities adopted the zoning plan in 2012, with amendments in 2015 and 2016.

Tentative progress plan

  • Debate in the Storting: Final quarter of 2016
  • Pre-qualification: Final quarter of 2016
  • Contract signing: First quarter of 2018
  • Open for traffic:  2021


Estimated investments amount to NOK 3.5-4 billion. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration carries out and finances land acquisition as required.

Road sections

The road section of Rv 3 Ommangsvollen–Grundset with the Rv 25 to Terningmoen is 26 kilometres long.

The new road will be built as a 4-lane motorway or as a two-lane or 3-lane highway with central barrier, depending on traffic volume and function.

  • Rv 3 Ommangsvollen–Tønset, 3.4 km new two- or three-lane road with central barrier
  • Rv 3/25 Tønset–Åkroken, 14.2 km new 4-lane motorway with central barrier
  • Rv 25 Åkroken–Terningmoen, 1.1 km 4-lane road.
  • Rv 3 Åkroken–Grundset, 6.2 km new two- or three-lane road with central barrier
  • Rv 3 Grundset–Svingen, 1.0 km, upgrading of existing two-lane road to two- or three-lane road with central barrier

Main volumes PPP

  • 16.5 km four-lane road
  • 10.5 km two-lane road with overtaking lane 
  • 7.1 km pedestrian/cycle path 
  • New inspection centre / Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon) at Ånestad
  • 3 grade-separated junctions
  • 2 roundabouts
  • 2 T-junctions
  • 9 bridges
  • 18 over-/underpasses
  • 2 wildlife crossings