Travel time between the Tjeldsund Bridge (Tjeldsundbrua) and Sortland will be 34 minutes shorter.

The region of Central Hålogaland with its 118,000 inhabitants is the most populous region of Northern Norway, and constitutes a hub for trade and transport of goods and services.

By tying the region more closely together, the new road will contribute to improved conditions for business devlopment and regional development.

Kart-Eng-HaalogalandsvegenE10/Rv 85 Tjeldsund-Gullesfjordbotn-Langvassbukt

PPP project

Parts of the Hålogalandsvegen project will be carried out as PPP. This concerns the road section Tjeldsund- Gullesfjordbotn – Langvassbukt on the E10 and Rv 85.

This is one of three major road projects to be carried out as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). More information about what it means to carry out a road project as a PPP.


The project is currently in the planning phase.

In the National Transport Plan (NTP) for 2014-2023 the project is assessed as a project for potential priority. The project is recommended in the NTP after 2018, but the government gave the project PPP status in connection with the national budget for 2015. Planning aims to make construction start possible in 2018.

Future milestones

  • Central government zoning plan for consept 2 to be adopted within the first quarter of 2017
  • Re-classifications and minor zoning plans (consept 2) 2017-2018
  • Zoning plan for a new crossing of Tjeldsundet (consept 3) may be prepared 2017-2020
  • Land acquisition and preparations for PPP may start in 2017
  • Possible pre-qualification: 2018
  • Completion within 2025


Estimated investment cost for the PPP section (E10/Rv 85 Tjeldsund-Gullesfjordbotn-Langvassbukt) amount to NOK 6-7 billion; requires partial funding from toll collection

Main volumes

  • 34 km road on existing road alignment
  • 28 km new tunnels
  • 18 km road on new alignment

In total 80 km.