The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for establishing and operating speed cameras, including the photography of speed limit violations. The police are responsible for following up any punishable offences revealed by the cameras. This is handled through the police criminal case registry.

If you have been photographed by a speed camera and have questions about it, you may contact the police in the district where you were photographed. You can reach the police at telephone number 02800 (from Norwegian phones only) or +47 22 66 90 50 (from abroad).

Certification of equipment

All the equipment used for automatic speed control (ACS) is certified in accordance with certain routines by the Norwegian Metrology Service (Justervesenet).  A blocking mechanism in the ASC system prevents controls from being carried out if the certification period has expired for parts of the equipment.

If you have questions regarding the technical aspects of ASC, you may contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.