For some clients, new functionality has been developed in established standard clients. ESRI's ArcGIS is of interest with regards to complex geographical analyses and advanced production of theme maps. Further on, both the NPRA and the municipalities frequently make use of GIS/LINE by Norkart AS.

The clients in NRDB are:


Norguide is the Public Roads Administrations route planner that already can be found on the Internet with a new version planned for completion early in 2006.

In 2007 the Norguide will probably be part of a multimodal IT system where the public may plan a route that includes all forms of transport such as train, ferry and plane.

NRDB web

NRDB web has been developed as separate versions for the general public and for authorized users. The public version will supplement Norguide with up-to-date road network data such as accident areas, traffic volumes, axel load limits and speed limits. NRDB web for authorized users will provide easy access to all NRDB data, and the opportunity to create reports.

Video images

This client let you have a look at the road on the computer screen. You can go to a spesific point and have a look both ways, or choose several pictures and see them as a movie. Pictures are taken for every 20 meters of road in Norway! These pictures give accurate information, which is used in daily executive work and analysis at The Norwegian Public Road Administration. The photographing is done together with the yearly measurements of road surface attrition, so the cost is low while the gain is high.

NRDB Studio

NVDB Studio is used to retrieve data from the data base with complex filters if needed. The user can obtain desired data to be presented on a map or in a report by specifying the relevant geographical area and data group.

NRDB Studio can be used along with the other applications or as a stand alone client. In addition to a number of standard reports, users will be able to custom design reports in accordance to their needs.

NRDB Analysis

NVDB Analysis is based on ArcGIS from ESRI but with a supplementary extension to handle data from NRDB. ArcGIS is a tool that provides for a number of advanced GIS type studies and map production, and is in particular used with site and preliminary planning as well as transportation and accessibility studies.


NRDB View is based on the standard GIS/LINE from Norkart AS with an additional function that enables it to process NRDB data. Users can define the area in NRDB View, while the data used are provided by NRDB Studio.

The application can be used both for presenting and updating data. The road network can be shown with associated maps or aerial photos, and analysis can be displayed on screen or printed out.

NRDB Network Editor

Network editor is also based on GIS/LINE and is a program intended for NRDB road network updating to be used by the Public Roads Administration, the Norwegian Mapping Authority and selected municipalities.

This is a specialized program based on a link/node network model. The Network Editor will be used for such tasks as adjusting road network topology and various levels of detail like road level, carriageway level and lane level.

Data Collector

The Data Collector is used to register objects along the road network such as signs, noise barriers, ditches, manholes and crash barriers. Registration and supervision is handled in the vehicle or in the office. Data from NRDB is displayed as a simple three-dimensional image on the computer screen. Deviation and condition are continuously registered.