Both the NRDB's data model and a new node and link based reference system apply international standards as set by ISO/TC 211 and are established in collaboration with i.e. the Swedish Public Roads Administration.

Both ArcGIS and GIS/LINE utilize the NRDB's Application Programming Interface (API) when using the database. A high degree of functionality has been developed in the API. This simplifies the process of enabling new individual clients to employ the NRDB. In this manner, the advantages of modern multi-layered architecture have been obtained. The NRDB Web based on ArcIMS operates using data obtained from a SDE database, in which road and traffic data are arranged as SDE layers.

The API will enable non-standard NRDB clients to use the database. 10-15 of the NPRA's software programs, within a wide range of applications, will be modified to facilitate this new API. In a sub-project regarding adapting current computer systems to accommodate the NRDB, an ongoing evaluation is conducted to determine whether a portion of the established computer programs ought to be phased out due to the simplicity of establishing the functionality in NRDB's standard clients. Also, the API may be employed to make other programming software gain easy access to the NRDB. This may be of particular interest to a number of municipality computer systems.