The researchers affiliated with the Coastal Highway Route E39-project present their projects and findings in webinars.

Recorded previous webinars from 2018

14.12  Tore Helgedagsrud

Wind loads on bridge decks using CFD and FSI methods (YouTube)   

06.12 Tale Egeberg

Aasland Current and wave induced flow around a submerged floating tube bridge (YouTube)  

30.11 Jungao Wang

The aerodynamics of a nobel stay cable cross-sectional shape (YouTube)  

26.10 Tor Martin Lystad

Design methodology for long-span bridges subjected to dynamic wind loads – Lessons from the Hardanger Bridge (YouTube)  

19.okt Renny Arismendi

Risk based maintenance optimisation and structural reliability (YouTube)  

12.10 Finn Idar Giske

Floating Bridges: Long-Term Extreme Response Analysis of Marine Structures Using Inverse Reliability Methods (YouTube)  

05.10 Michael Styrk Andersen

Aeroelasticity and the Non-Flutter Design Principle for Long Span Bridges (YouTube)  

28.09 Henrik Skyvulstad

Wind tunnel testing and nonlinear load models (YouTube)

20.09 Joar Tistel

Bridge foundations on large water depths (YouTube)  

14.09 Øyvind Wiig-Petersen

Force identification on long-span bridges using measured dynamic response (YouTube)  

31.08 Arianna Minoretti

Submerged Floating Tube Bridge - The invisible bridge (tunnel) (YouTube)  

15.06 Øyvind Lervik Nilsen

How do fixed links affect residential and firm location – some empirical evidence from Norway (YouTube)  

08.06 Konstantinos Christakos

Wave measurements in Sulafjorden (YouTube)  

01.06 Alexander Hellervik

Accessibility-induced patterns of urban activity (YouTube)  

31.05 Yuwang Xu

Dynamic response of cable-supported bridges with floating towers (YouTube)  

25.05 Stig Nyland Andersen

The impact of fixed link projects on population development (YouTube)  

24.05 Mitja Papinutti 

Dynamic analysis of floating suspension bridges, emphasis on wind-loading (YouTube)  

04.05 Weizhi Wang 

Improved wave-modelling for long and deep fjords (YouTube)  

27.04 Bartosz Siedziako

Dynamic analysis of long span cable-supported bridges subjected to wind loading with emphasis on wind tunnel measurements (YouTube)  

20.04 Aksel Fenerci

Dynamic analysis of long span cable-supported bridges subjected to wind loading with emphasis on field measurements (YouTube)  

13.04 Knut Andreas Kvåle

Dynamic behaviour of floating bridges subjected to wave excitation; an numerical and experimental investigation (YouTube)  

06.04 Janne Siren Fjærestad

Smart heating of bridge decks (awaiting submission)

23.03.18: Poja Shams Hakimi

Sustainable Design of light-weight bridge (YouTube)  

09.03.18 Ashenafi Yifru 

Effective Countermeasures for the debris & mud flow hazards along the E39 highway (awaiting submission)

02.03.18 Govindan Induchoodan

Graphene enhanced Asphalt (YouTube) 

09.02.18 Sabina Karacic

Biofilm deterioration in sub-sea tunnels / The role of microbiological biofilm (YouTube) 

08.02.18 Reignard Tan

Evaluation and improvement of crack width calculation methods for large-scale concrete structures (YouTube) 

02.02.18 Hrefna Run Vignisdottir

LCA and sustainability thinking in large infrastructure projects (YouTube)

26.01.18 Peter Nilsson

Laser welded sandwich steel elements (YouTube)

19.01.18 Babak Ebrahimi

Infrastructure performance viewer (YouTube)

05.01.18 Tobias Alexander Danner

Relevance of crack width and decompression requirements (limits) of reinforced concrete structures (YouTube) 

Researchers' presentations