The National Transport Plan defines the areas of priority for Norwegian transport policy for the next ten years. The plan is revised every four years.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for coordinating efforts to develop proposals for the National Transport Plan. The plan is finally approved by Stortinget (Parliament).

An important part of the road network consists of county roads, managed by the county councils.

We contribute to the work of the county councils through a joint road administration.

The national goal for transport is: To provide an efficient, accessible, safe and environmentally friendly transport system that covers society’s requirements and encourages regional development.

The national goal is broken down into four main objectives:

  1. Traffic flow and regional development: Our transport policy is to improve traffic flow and reduce the time of travel in order to strengthen competitiveness of industry and contribute to maintaining the main features of existing settlement patterns.
  2. Road safety: Our transport policy is to be based on a vision of zero accidents resulting in fatalities or serious injuries in the transport sector.
  3. Environment: Our transport policy is to contribute to limiting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing environmentally harmful effects of transport, and achieving national goals and Norway’s international obligations when it comes to environmental protection.
  4. Universal design: Our transport system is to be universally designed.