If a convoy system is in operation, you will have to drive the route in question following a snow plough or a lead vehicle.
See Traffic Information (Norwegian only) for updated information on convoy systems in operation. Remember to check conditions before you go.

Routes where there may be a convoy system in operation
E6KvænangsfjelletTroms and Finnmark
E6GratangsfjelletTroms and Finnmark
E6SennalandetTroms and Finnmark
E6HatterTroms and Finnmark
E16FilefjellInnlandet / Vestlandet
E134HaukelifjellViken / Vestlandet
E69Hønsa–Honningsvåg–SkarsvågTroms and Finnmark
Rv. 7HardangerviddaViken / Vestlandet
Rv. 9Hovden–HaukeliViken / Agder
Rv. 13VikafjelletVestlandet
Rv. 15StrynefjelletInnlandet / Vestlandet
Rv. 52HemsedalsfjelletViken / Vestlandet
Rv. 77GraddisNordland
Fv. 50Hol–AurlandViken / Vestlandet
Fv. 76TosenfjelletNordland
Fv. 813BeiarfjelletNordland
Fv. 888Bekkarfjord–HopseidetTroms and Finnmark
Fv. 889Snefjord–HavøysundTroms and Finnmark
Fv. 890KongsfjordfjelletTroms and Finnmark
Fv. 891BåtsfjordfjelletTroms and Finnmark
Fv. 98IfjordfjelletTroms and Finnmark

If you need further information, please contact our Road User Information Service at tel. +47 815 48 991.