Notification of Sale 

When a vehicle changes hands, the transfer of ownership must be reported to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

It is easy to fill in the Notification of Sale and submit it online using our self-service facility for Notification of Sale (log in to Your page).

You can also choose to fill in the Notification of Sale on paper and hand it in or mail it to one of our Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices (Trafikkstasjoner).

 This can be done by filling in a Notification of Sale form and submitting it by mail or in person to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (in norwegian only), no later than three days after the change of ownership. You can also use Part 2 of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) as a Notification of Sale.

If you choose not to use Part 2 of the VRC as the Notification of Sale, you must still hand in Part 2 of the VRC. This document must always be submitted to us before a transfer of registration can be completed.

Have you lost Part 2 of the Vehicle Registration Certificate?

When the Notification of Sale has been submitted and registered, it is the new owner who will receive the invoice for annual motor vehicle tax, road toll, and any penalties/fines. If the NPRA does not receive a correctly completed Notification of Sale, the former owner will continue to receive such claims, even if the vehicle is no longer in his or her possession.

Who can be registered as the new owner of a vehicle?

Only persons with a Norwegian national identity number or D-number, or companies with a Norwegian organisation number, may have a vehicle registered in their name. The new registered owner must also have a Norwegian address. It is the seller’s responsibility to check the buyer’s proof of Identity.