A completed Notification of Sale form must be mailed or delivered in person to one of our Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices, no later than three days after the change of ownership. It is always the former owner (seller) who is responsible for mailing/handing in the Notification of Sale to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office. You can also use Part 2 of the Vehicle Registration Certificate as a Notification of Sale.

As the previous owner (seller), it is your responsibility to make sure that the Notification of Sale is mailed or delivered to us, and the transfer of ownership will not be registered unless the form is correctly filled in. If the Notification of Sale is not approved, it will be returned to you by mail.

Have you lost Part 2 of the Vehicle Registration Certificate?

 Remember the following when you fill in the form:

  • The former owner (seller) and the new owner (buyer), as well as any co-owners, must sign the same Notification of Sale
  • Only original signatures will be accepted (a copy of the Notification of Sale, or delivery by e-mail or fax, will not be accepted)
  • Crossing out names, national identity numbers or organisation numbers is not permitted

Vehicle Registration Certificates issued before 1 June 2004

If your Vehicle Registration Certificate is issued before 1 June 2004, the Notification of Sale part can only be used if you add the vehicle’s chassis number /Vehicle Identification Number as well as the seller’s (former owner’s) National Identity Number/D-number/organisation number.