Fee for national type approval:

  • Vehicle with a permissible max. weight up to and including 3 500 kg: NOK 1 830
  • Vehicle with a permissible max. weight of more than 3 500 kg: NOK 2 720


The application for type approval must be sent to the Directorate of Public Roads together with the required documentation. The applicant is the Norwegian importer or manufacturer of the vehicle. The applicant must complete the NPRA’s application form. One of each vehicle type must be presented for inspection by appointment at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

Issued approval

Type approval is issued to the applicant and is only valid for vehicles imported by the applicant. Identical vehicles can then be registered at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office without further approval and without inspection.

Case processing

All applications for national type approval and applications for tax classification of vehicles with EC type approval should be sent by e-mail to firmapost@vegvesen.no or by post to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

If your enquiry concerns a previously submitted application (ongoing case), you must refer to that case in subsequent communications.

  1. Importers must only apply for the modification of type approvals to cover such conversions as they actually need.
  2. When applying for the conversion of vans, the importer must either confirm that the series does not include vehicles without bodywork (rolling chassis), or identify these vehicles specifically.
  3. Importers must ensure that they have the necessary competence and are responsible for familiarising themselves with the type approval scheme.
  4. When applying for type approval, importers must state when the vehicles will be physically available for presentation at Risløkka in Oslo.
  5. Importers must plan their activities based on a case processing time of up to four weeks from the vehicle is presented for inspection at Risløkka Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office in Oslo to the application for tax classification has been decided.