About the approval scheme

Garages are required to have special approval in order to repair vital parts on cars, motorcycles, mopeds, tractors and motorised equipment designed for speeds greater than 50 km/h or trailers with brakes. Examples of vital parts are brakes, steering units, wheels and suspension, and electrical systems.

The conditions for being approved as a vehicle garage are stipulated in the Regulations relating to vehicle repair shops, adopted by the Directorate of Public Roads on 13 May 2009. The Regulations contain specific requirements for premises and technical equipment, for a technical manager and personnel and for a quality management system. Together, the rules are intended to ensure high-quality repairs.

How can I know whether a garage is approved?

At vegvesen.no/finnverksted (Norwegian only) you will find an overview of approved garages. In addition, garages that carry out repair work legally have an exterior sign showing that they are approved by the NPRA.

Illegal garages

The NPRA supervises vehicle garages that carry out repair work requiring approval.

The NPRA strongly advises against buying services from illegal garages. In addition to aiding and abetting a criminal offence, you run the risk of getting an unprofessionally repaired vehicle that may also threaten road safety, and endanger your own, your family’s and other people’s safety.

If you would like to report an illegal garage, please send us an email.

Do you run a garage/ testing centre?

As a garage and testing centre you can update your contact information yourself in our facility “Find an approved garage” (Norwegian only: Finn godkjent verksted).