Do you intend to scrap your vehicle, or not use it for a long period of time? Then you must hand in the number plates to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Off

If you wish to have your vehicle deregistered, you need to hand in the number plates to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (Trafikkstasjon). The plates will be stored free of charge at the Licensing Office for six months. After six months the plates will be destroyed. You can also send plates by post to the Licensing Office’s postal address. They will then be deregistered from the date when you posted them. You can keep the Vehicle Registration Certificate.

When you deregister your vehicle, both your vehicle insurance and the motor insurance tax are automatically cancelled.

Collecting number plates

You collect your plates at the same Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office where you handed them in. If it has been more than six months since you handed them in, they will have been destroyed and you will need to order new plates.

Before you can collect your plates you need to

  • have insured your vehicle
  • have had the vehicle pass the mandatory roadworthiness test (“EU test”)

There is no charge for collecting the number plates from storage.

Handing in number plates after scrapping

When you scrap your vehicle at an authorised scrapyard, you will receive a vehicle scrap deposit from the Norwegian Tax Administration’s website. After scrapping, you must hand in the number plates to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

Have your number plates been removed by law enforcement?

The Police, the Norwegian Customs, and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration are authorised to remove the number plates from a vehicle. The reason may be that defects or deficiencies revealed in a roadside inspection have not been fixed and approved, or that “old” vehicle taxes owed have not been paid. The vehicle may also have been deregistered due to an incomplete registration transfer.

If the vehicle was deregistered due to a roadworthiness prohibition, you will have to pay a re-registration fee of NOK 1 790 before you can collect the plates.

If your vehicle has had its number placed removed by law enforcement and you want to get them back, you need to ensure that

  • the insurance is in order
  • your vehicle has passed the mandatory roadworthiness test (the “EU test”)
  • any other issues for which a prohibition has been issued have been sorted out.

If your number plates have been removed by law enforcement, they will be stored at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office for six months after they were removed from the vehicle. If you are wondering which Licensing Office it is that stores your plates, please contact us.

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