The deadline for the mandatory roadworthiness test is final, and as a main rule we do not grant extensions. It is up to you how early you wish to carry out the test, as long as the vehicle is tested and approved before the deadline. However, if you suffer from serious illness and can present a medical certificate that confirms this, you can apply for an extension.

In what cases can you not apply for an extension?

For example, you will not be granted an extension of the deadline for the test based on:

  • waiting time for test sessions at the garage
  • waiting time for components needed to repair the vehicle
  • your stay abroad
  • your financial situation
  • seasonal vehicles that are in winter storage (veteran cars, motorhomes)

Read more about what you can do if you cannot have the deadline extended.

How to apply for an extension

You can apply for an extension by sending a letter by post to NPRA. You must attach a medical certificate that confirms serious illness.

It can take up to four weeks to process an application for an extension. Our response to your application will be sent to your digital postbox.