• Registration number
  • Make
  • Name of the owner of the vehicle
  • Home municipality of the owner of the vehicle
  • Date of most recent periodic roadworthiness test (EU inspection)
  • Deadline for the next periodic roadworthiness test (EU inspection)
  • Annual motor vehicle tax owed
  • From 15 March to 1 May, the field for annual motor vehicle tax owed reads www.toll.no . During that period, you must contact Norwegian Customs and Excise to find out whether the annual motor vehicle tax has been paid for the year in question.
  • Fee for registering change of ownership of the vehicle

Registration transfer fee :

The service states the name of the person the NPRA has registered as the owner of the vehicle in the most recent notification of sale. The name(s) of any co-owner(s) will not be stated.

Owner of the vehicle:

The service does not provide information about whether the vehicle is registered.

If the field for annual vehicle tax owed says "se www.toll.no", this is because the information about annual vehicle tax is being updated based on information from Customs and Excise. This happens every year for a limited period from 20 March, the due date for paying annual vehicle tax. For information about any annual vehicle tax owed, contact Customs and Excise on tel. (+47) 22 86 02 00


The NPRA disclaims liability for any errors and omissions in the information you receive via SMS. The NPRA will not reimburse the costs of using the service, regardless of whether it contains errors or omissions.

If you experience any faults or irregularities in relation to the service, please contact Public Services.