Contact information

Tel.: 22 07 30 00
Fax: (+47) 74 12 26 00

What information do we need?

• Make
• Year of manufacture (approx.)
• Vehicle identification number / chassis number/ frame number / engine number
• Name and telephone number of the customer, or email address, if applicable

Regarding the engine number: For some mopeds, our search of the registers is based on engine number rather than Vehicle Identification Number/frame number, so please state both.

We have two registers from which we can retrieve different information:

Card filing system

Vehicles registered / de-registered until around May 1973.

  • We need the make and chassis number.

We can provide information about:

  • First registration number (date of initial registration)
    Type and engine number for vehicles after 1945

The register does not include:

  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Caravans

The microfilm register

Vehicles registered / de-registered as of 1 January 1973 and later (-> 1994)
We need the whole chassis number (remember full stop, comma, hyphen, space and asterisk). 

We can provide information about:

  • Make and year of registration
  • Vehicle group
  • Registration number
  • Last district of registration
  • Last owner with address

The register includes all vehicle groups

Tractors are difficult to find because they were not liable to registration until 1969. Before that, registration of tractors was voluntary.

If you have a licence number (registration number), we can tell you which Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office to contact. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices may have registers of all vehicles they have registered, and you can get more information about the vehicle by contacting them directly.

Around 1960–1962, the register was transferred from the police to the Vehicle Licencing Office’s predecessor (‘Bilsakkyndige’). The register was not updated during that period. The information can nonetheless be found if the vehicle was re-registered at a later date.

Case processing time

We receive enquiries every day. We respond within a week unless otherwise specified.

Costs of receiving information

Our services are free of charge. We are happy to issue and send you copies of cards or transcripts from the microfilm register at your request.