How to apply

In order to be issued with a driver card in Norway, you need a valid driving licence and a residential address in Norway.

  1. Log in to Your page and fill in the application form.
  2. Pay for your driver card. A new card costs NOK 340, and you can pay by Visa card, Mastercard, BankAxess or Vipps.
  3. Submit your application.

Your application will be processed within 48 hours and furthered to the card manufacturer if granted. You can check the status of your application on Your page. You will receive the new driver card by post within three to eight days depending on place of delivery.

Your application will be checked to ensure that you do not already hold a driver card issued in another country.

Renew your driver card

Driver cards are valid for five years. Six months before the date of expiry, you will have the opportunity to renew your card on Your page. The new driver card will then be valid from the date when the previous card expires.

Lost or damaged driver card

If you have lost or damaged your driver card, you need to order a new one at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon) within seven days.

Apply for a driver card on paper

If you are unable to or do not want to use the online facility to apply for/renew your driver card, you can submit an application on paper. Fill in the application form (PDF) or visit a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon). If you go to apply in person, you need to carry valid proof of identity. When you order a driver card at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon), the price is NOK 750. If you need a new photo, you must take this at the DVLO and pay an additional charge of NOK 80. Payment must be made in cash or by debit card - credit cards are not accepted.