Anyone who carries out transport services that are subject to drivers' hours regulations, and who operates a vehicle equipped with a digital tachograph, must hold a driver card. You must apply for your own driver card yourself, and you can do this online via Your page. In order to be issued with a driver card in Norway, the driver needs a valid driving licence and a residential address in Norway. A driver card is valid for five years.

How to use the driver card

The driver card replaces diagram charts and is used for the same purpose. The use of digital tachographs does not in any way affect the drivers’ hours regulations.

The driver card is a smart card used in the tachograph. By pressing a few keys, you can record whether you are going to drive, do other work, have a break or rest. The symbols are the same as before.

You must enter information in the tachograph when you have inserted the driver card into the tachograph. It is also possible to make printouts from the tachograph showing your driving hours and rest periods.

It is now the enterprise, not the driver, that is responsible for downloading data from the driver card. Such downloading of data replaces the collection of diagram charts for analogue tachographs. This must be done at least once a month.

Is your driver card lost or damaged?

As a rule, nobody may drive a vehicle that is equipped with a digital tachograph without holding a driver card. It is not sufficient that you have applied for a card. If the card is lost or damaged, you must fill in a loss notification form (PDF) and an application for a new driver card (PDF), and submit these to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon) within seven days. Until you receive a new driver card by mail, you can drive using printouts from the tachograph. You must then make printouts from the tachograph at the start and end of the day, write your own name and driving licence or driver card number on it, and sign it.

If you can document that you are unable to present a valid driver card for the above-mentioned reasons, you are allowed to drive without a card for up to 15 calendar days for the purpose of returning the vehicle to your employer.


Inspectors have their own control card they can use to check your driving time and rest periods. They can use this to download information from both the tachograph and the driver card.