Winter tyres

  • For vehicles with a total permitted weight of more than 3 500 kg, winter tyres are obligatory during the period from 15 November to 31 March.
  • Winter tyres can be either studded tyres or so-called friction tyres (non-studded). These must be specially labelled M+S, MS, M&S, “mud and snow”, 3PMSF or «3 peak mountain snowflake» and must be specially designed for winter driving.
  • If winter tyres with the dimensions required for your vehicle are not being manufactured, you can apply for an exemption from the winter tyre requirement

What is a Winter tyre?

A tyre is accepted by Norwegian authorities as a Winter tyre if it has been labelled by the manufacturer with M+S, MS, M&S, M-S, “Mud and snow” and/or 3PMSF or “3 Peak mountain snowflake” (alpine symbol) and is found in the Scandinavian Tyre & Rim Organization's list of Winter tyres for vehicles over 3 500 kg.

Tread design depth

  • For vehicles with a total permitted weight of more than 3 500 kg (both towing vehicle and trailer), tyres are required to have at least 5 mm tread design depth from 15 October in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, and from 1 November in the rest of Norway.
  • This requirement is in force up to and including 30 April in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark and up to and including the first Monday after Easter Monday in the rest of Norway. 
  • Outside this period, the requirement is a tread design depth of at least 1.6 mm.


The vehicle must have winter tyres (studded or unstudded), chains or the equivalent outside the periods mentioned above if this is necessary in order to ensure sufficient road grip when road conditions are taken into account. If snow or sheets of ice can be expected on the roads, chains must be brought, whatever the time of year.


The fine for driving with sub-minimum tread depth is NOK 750 per tyre. A similar fine will also be levied for driving without winter tyres. Vehicle use restrictions and notice of intended prosecution may be applied in cases of serious violations.

Studded tyres

  • Studded tyres are permitted only during the period when it is required to use tyres with a 5 mm tread depth, unless road conditions require their use.
  • If a motor vehicle with a total permitted weight of more than 3 500 kg is equipped with studded tyres, it must have studded tyres on all wheels mounted on the same axle. For dual wheel assemblies, it is sufficient to mount studded tyres on one of the tandem wheels.