E18 through Østfold is one of the main highways between Norway and Sweden. It is part of “the Nordic triangle” Oslo – Stockholm – Copenhagen.

Close to 25 % of all goods transported between Norway and its surrounding countries are transported on the E18.

E18 also serves as an essential route for the transportation of goods and people to and from the inner part of Østfold.

The national transport plan (2002 - 2011) which was presented in parliamentary announcement 46, (Stortingsmelding 46) (1999 - 2000) has accomplished certain goals and improved upon areas of community interest.

At the very base, our vision is that there will not be any fatal accidents or serious injuries. This is also referred to as the “zero – vision.”

In the parliamentary announcement it is evident that narrow four-lane highway ought to be considered as a better alternative to the two-lane highway in the light of traffic safety.

The construction of the new E18 through Østfold is a part of the Østfold-package, (Østfoldpakka) which is funded by toll plazas and the government. The Østfold-package was declared by the government on February 24, 2000 in the parliamentary proposition 26 (1999 - 2000)

The primary goals for the Østfold-package are to ease the flow of traffic and create a safer E18 by laying the highway on the outskirts of densely populated areas.

The purpose of building a new E18 is to establish a new highway for transport vehicles and thru-traffic. It is a goal to secure better traffic safety, especially a reduction in the many serious collisions.

  • Length: 29, 2 km. (financed thru the Øtfold package)
  • Contents: 54, 3 km. (E18 from Ørje to Vinterbro)
  • Finance: Government and toll plazas
  • Total cost: NOK 2, 2 billion. (The parcels financed thru the Østfold-package. Parcel 2, 3, 4 and 5)

NTP: Noted in National Transport Plan 2010 - 2019