It is the role of toll service provider that is to be separated from the Norwegian toll road companies. The regulations on toll service provision for tolls and ferry tickets were adopted by Royal Decree of 14 December 2018. The new rules will enter into force on 1 January 2019.

Transition period

The toll road companies will have a transitional period of up to 18 months to adapt to the new regulations. However, it might be prolonged by six more months due to special circumstances.

As of today, toll road companies carry out the two roles of toll charger and toll service provider. As toll chargers the toll road companies are responsible for the administration of loans and registration of vehicles circulating through toll stations.

As a toll service provider the toll road company offers users a contract and an electronic tag to identify each vehicle circulating through a toll station. In this way, a toll road company is responsible for collecting tolls and carries the credit risks related to the collection of tolls on behalf of other toll road companies.

A new market will emerge

The role of toll service provider will now be performed by independent toll service provider companies. By separating the toll service provider function from the Norwegian road toll companies, a new market for toll service providers will emerge. This is a market where both privately owned companies and companies owned by county or region administrations may offer such services.