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Tuesday, June 12
Exhibition open
Plenary session 3,
Vision zero goes global
Claes Tingvall – Diensh Sethi – Anders Eugensson.
Claes Tingvall, the fathe of vision zero, discusses the new challenges of public
investment and the need for collaboration between NGO’s and market entities. Diensh Sethi will discuss traffic accidents as growing
public health issue. Anders Eugensson from Volvo will discuss Volvo’s objective of ensuring that no-one is killed in a new Volvo car by
the year 2020.
Coffee Break
Silfurberg A
Silfurberg B
Session 2-1
Session 2-2
Session 2-3
Session 2-4
Road construction
Ground investigations,
pavement design,
materialmodels, life cycle
costs and asset management
Ground investigation for road
projects as well as challenges
and future solutions in
pavement design and road
engineering will be discussed.
Material models for stabilizing
soil, life cycle cost analysis and
asset management will also be
examined in this context.
ITS – booster of efficiency
and sustainability in the
transport sector. What are
the benefits of European
The session discusses
European cooperation in the
field of ITS (Intelligent
Transport Systems). Major
European projects eSafety and
Easyway are discussed in view
of how they impact both larger
corporations and SMEs and
how they influence authorities
and policy making.
Water and the natural
environment – environmental
diversity – why and how?
How are we handling water
and rural areas in road
projects. There will be
discussion on handling of road
water in Denmark and on the
consequences of the EU Water
Frame Directive to road
owners. Also how Norway is
working with contractors to
minimize the negative effects
on the landscape and
Accessibility for all/Universal
The importance of taking all
road users into account when it
comes to access for all.
Universal design takes this into
account. The emphasis of the
seminar will be on transport
infrastructure and the whole
journey. Solutions that are to
be found in Nordic countries.
Examples will be taken of
routes in Reykjavík and access
will be discussed, as well as
shared spaces and audits on
accessibility for all.
Plenary session 4,
Mobility management – Network operation
Elizabeth Deakin – Charlotte Vithen.
Elizabeth Deakin, a professor at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, will discuss mobility
management and attitudes to it on both sides of the Atlantic. Charlotte Vithen, Director Roads and Traffic in the Danish Road
Directorate, will talk about how they have integrated what is known as Network Operations.
Coffee break
Session 3-1
Session 3-2
Session 3-3
Session 3-4
Traffic safety
Success factors for road
safety in the Nordic countries
Road safety success in the
Nordic countries. Vision zero
must have goals. Overview of
successful work in the field of
traffic safety.
Nordic research and
development of traffic and
road systems
What is NordFoU and how
does it work? There will also be
information on actual projects
carried out within this
framework like Pavement
Performance Models, Nordic
system for classification of
traffic e.t.c.
Organization of the market
Contracting procedures and
Organisation of the market. Is
there a Nordic model? Impact
of changes in institutional
organisation in Finland and
Sweden. Renewed contract
strategy for Operations and
Maintenance, Denmark.
Road pavements
Environmental focus on roads
and pavements
How can environmental impact
be part of the tender? How can
roads save energy? Significant
environmental benefits from
recycling asphalt. Status on
Warm Mix Asphalt.
Banquet at Laugardalshöll
Program – Tuesday
All Plenary sessions will be held in English. Parallel sessions in Eldborg and
Norðurljós will be held in English. Paralell sessions in Silfurberg A and B will be
held in Scandinavian language with simultaneous translation into English.
Foto: Henriette Erken Busterud/Statens vegvesen