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Program – Wednesday
Wednesday, June 13
Silfurberg A
Silfurberg B
Exhibition open
Session 4-1
Session 4-2
Session 4-3
Session 4-4
Risk assessment, Life Cycle
Costs, Efficient tunnel
Efficient tunnel construction
with optimal quality.
Development of best practice
methodology with a special
focus on the risks of tunnel
construction. Planning
maintenance of rock by
applying life cycle cost analysis.
Vehicles and transport
More efficient traffic
management, road safety
and inspections
Introduction to best working
procedures with regard to
heavy traffic. Inspection of
transport vehicles. Interaction
between transport vehicles and
Urban transport
Urban transport packages –
Strategies for synergy
”Urban transport packages”
are strategic tools used in a
larger context of urban
development. These packages
often address conflicting
political views. Transport
systems and land use
development are planned in
relation to each other in order
to achieve maximum synergy .
Skills development and
Presentation of the theme
group’s work during the
period. Continuing education
incentives in Norway and
Sweden. Changes that have
occurred in Finland.
Coffee break
Session 5-1
Session 5-2
Session 5-3
Session 5-4
Design of roads and streets
Flexibility in the city
Conclusions of the committee’s
work during the period. Model
used to calculate capacity of
urban traffic infrastructure.
What is the ideal transition
point with regard to travellers.
“Shared space”.
Road construction
Climate change – Effects and
road owner’s adaptation
Climate change in the Nordic
countries until the turn of the
century; The Climate and
transport project in Norway
and effect on road
construction; Adapting to
climate change in the Nordic
and the CEDR countries as well
as effect on maintenance and
operation will be discussed.
Operations and Maintenance
Winter maintenance in the
Nordic countries
Presentation of the
committee’s work in the 2008-
2012 period. An introduction to
the status report and the
literature overview, with
information on specific
projects. Presentation of a
Nordic project regarding the
development of methods to
test the quality of salt
distribution. Presentation on
the situation in Iceland
concerning maintenance and
operation in case of diminished
Organization and market
Key figures, benchmarking
Key figures in road
construction and how they
apply to market entities.
Plenary session 5,
The future beyond the crossroads
Raul Rojas – Eeva Linkama – Ari Trausti Gudmundsson.
The future. Eeva Linkama will speak about the Finns’ vision for the future
and the new generation approach in urban and transport policy. Prof. Raul Rojas from the University of Berlin conducts experiments
with autonomous cars and looks upon today’s vehicles as yesterday’s horses. Ari Trausti Gudmundsson looks to the future and
believes that man alone cannot determine how it will be, since the mighty forces of nature also have to be taken into account.
Coffee break
NVF Prizes: the Bridge prize, the Road pavement r&d prize and the Skill development prize
Closing of the conference, Norway assumes the chairmanship of NVF
All Plenary sessions will be held in English. Parallel sessions in Eldborg and
Norðurljós will be held in English. Paralell sessions in Silfurberg A and B will be
held in Scandinavian language with simultaneous translation into English.
Foto: Knut Opeide/Statens vegvesen