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rofessor Raúl Rojas Gonzalez is
a specialist of robotics and ar-
tificial intelligence and in his
presentation he investigates the
possibilities of the future of the automo-
bile itself.
His challenging view is that today’s
vehicles are comparable to yesterday’s
horses. His aim is the future’s autonomous
car. His vision is not science fiction. The
prototype vehicle has been tested in the
streets of Berlin. It succeeded to drive 80
kilometers an hour in the midtown Berlin
without any accidents or dangerous risk
situations. If you are stuck to Isaac Asi-
mov’s famous three robotic rules, so be
prepared – one more is needed.
The robotic skills needed for complicated
metropolitan traffic situations professor
Rojas has developed by winning twice the
world championship in football-playing
Also Ari Trausti Gud-
mundsson is a polymath. By being an Ice-
landic geophysicist by education, he can
tell us that sometimes and somewhere on
our earth road-building can have problems
in a tectonic scale. Na-
ture is not something
we can control but nev-
ertheless we can live in
a reasonable harmony
with it. Besides being
a scientist Ari Trausti
is also a prize-winning
author of poetry and
short stories. He even
was a candidate in Icelandic presidential
. Like in almost any country
in Europe, Finland has also gone through
The Plenary session 5 is a kind of conclusion of the congress. Main themes
are broad question concerning the whole future of the transportation
sector and its connections with the development of the society.
Text: Lauri Ali-Mattila PHOTO: Karin Beate Nøsterud/ and Via Nordica 2012
Howcanwe develop and use our infrastructure in a
totally newway to boost competitiveness and economic
Eeva Linkama, Ministry of Communication
Professor: ” Today’s vehicl
comparable to yesterday’s
Eeva Linkama