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very fundamental changes in organising
the administration of the transport sector.
Transport administration agency reform
was made in 2008-09. The main aim was
to find organisational structure to improve
productivity. Three separate agencies of
road, railway and maritime sectors were
united to the Finnish Transport Agency of
The new mindset of ”Transport Revolu-
tion” was founded on this ground. Behind
this were the main challenges of Finnish
society, slowing economic productivity
growth, ageing population and cost pres-
sures caused by these factors. New kind
of mindset was needed and new solutions
must be sought from the different starting
The primemover in these actions
has very often been Eeva Linkama from
the Ministry of Communication. She has
carried the flag for the urgent need for a
change in transport policy and new type of
operating culture. For many years she has
demanded a new answer to the question:
how canwe develop and use our infrastruc-
ture in a totally new way to boost competi-
tiveness and economic growth. Old ways
do not function any more. We need cour-
age, innovativeness and enthusiasm to
change our ways to new goal-oriented di-
rection in order to find solution for today’s
problems. We have to learn how to achieve
more by spending less.
The new mindset of ‘Trans-
port Revolution’ has been a considerable
success. Its ideas are strongly presented in
the new Government Programme. It is also
influenced heavily to new Transport Policy
Report submitted to the Government in the
spring of 2012.
How can we develop and use our infrastructure in a totally new way to
boost competitiveness and economic growth. Old ways do not function any
more, according to one the contributors in this session.
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